We are a quality Classic Root Beer (and other Classic Soda Pops) Concessionaire. We attend Fairs and Festivals all over the Western and Central USA.

The Legend of Pioneer Pop

It was 1848 when our great-great-great-great grandfather Blu obtained (some say commandeered, and others say “stole” – but them guys aren’t really around to tell that story anymore) the formula for “classic” Root Beer from my great-great-great-great uncle Billy from Louisiana. See, “Bayou” Billy was out a-sellin’ classic pops like Root Beer, Creme Soda, Orange Zippy, Cherry Wine, and Sarsaparilla and makin’ a killin’. Well, grandpa Blu figgured he’d do the same.

California Gold Rush Map

California Gold Rush Map


So, Blu grabbed the formulas and off he went – WEST. He was one of the original Forty-Niners, settin’ up shop in what was California  (pert much anything West of the Rockies was “California” back then) and enjoyin’ the spoils of the gold – after all, after a big gold find, the men needed to celebrate! They would come by the hundreds to savor the classic flavors. Of course back then, a Tin Cup was what they drank out of – so Blu supplied those Tin Cups. It’s a tradition that survives to this day, five generations later with Pioneer Pop.


Blu was also known to pan a little gold here-an-there. He wasn’t much good at it- his diary says he only found about an ounce in the first couple months while everyone working around him found pounds of the durned stuff! Blu found out his classic Root Beer was more valuable than any gold he could find- so he soon decided to peddle his liquid gold full-time.

Blu at the Gold Rush

Blu with some friends.


Now its been a long time and we’ve reconciled any differences with “Bayou” Billy’s kin (heck, we’re almost friends again!)…  We are out on the trails, visiting festivals and fairs – peddlin’ our delicious classic soda pops to the modern-day cowboys (and whoever else wants to give it a try). Why don’t ya come and see us at one of the special events we’ll be attendin’? Come chew the fat with us- there’s plenty of stories to be told (and we betcha you have some stories of your own)!Check out our Calendar to see where we’ll be next!

Oh, in the meantime, be sure to read the history of our other classic soda pops – or at least the history as we were told it. We think you’ll get a kick out of’em!

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